Minas Gjoka

Minas Gjoka


I am currently an associate project scientist at the University of California, Irvine. I received the Ph.D. (2010) and M.S. (2008) degrees in Networked Systems at the University of California, Irvine, supervised by Professor Athina Markopoulou, and the B.S. (2005) degree in Computer Science at the Informatics Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece. During my studies, I have had summer research internships with AT&T Research Labs, Telefonica Research and CAIDA/UCSD. I also co-founded Adball - a startup that developed an online crowdsourcing platform. My Erdös number is four (4).

Research Interests

Areas from past & present work: online social networks, peer-to-peer systems, network coding, internet modeling, internet measurements. Here is my word cloud, created at WordLE from the abstracts of my publicly available papers:

Word cloud - Minas Gjoka's Research

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