Minas Gjoka

My Erdös Number

The Erdös number measures the number of hops from Paul Erdös in the co-authorship graph of published research papers. My Erdös number is 4 and it can be reached in at least the following ways:


Paul Erdös -> Douglas Stinson -> David Cheriton -> Athina Markopoulou -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Noga Alon -> Alon Orlitsky -> Christina Fragouli -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Fan Chung -> Dmitri Krioukov -> Xiaowei Yang -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Pavol Hell -> Xiaotie Deng -> Christos H. Papadimitriou -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Wayne D. Goddard -> Elias Dahlhaus -> Christos H. Papadimitriou -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Douglas B. West -> Richard M. Karp -> Martha Sideri -> Minas Gjoka

Paul Erdös -> Michael S. O. Molloy -> Evangelos Kranakis -> Anthony Spatharis -> Minas Gjoka


The website The Erdös Number Project contains interesting facts about Erdös Numbers and instructions on how to compute one's Erdös number. Wikipedia contains a full list of the people with Erdös number 1 & 2 and a partial list of famous people with Erdös number 3.

The easiest way to find paths from Paul Erdös to any CS author: Visual Explorer at Microsoft Academic Research


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