Minas Gjoka

Research Projects

Online Social Networks

Peer-to-Peer Systems

Network Tomography

IP Fast Re-Routing

Internet modeling



Last.fm Multigraph (Friends, Events, Groups, Neighbors)

Facebook Geosocialmap

Facebook Social Graph - MHRW & UNI

Facebook Social Graph - Breadth First Search

Facebook Applications & Users

Facebook Weighted Random Walks


Class & Other Projects

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Minijava A compiler for Minijava, a subset of java. Source code in Java.

Topgen & TopAnalysis Synthetic Internet topology generator & graph analysis tool. (Java binary code only)

Netflix project k-NN approach based on the Icefox framework. Source code in C++

Nachos An instructional software for teaching operating systems courses. Source code in C++.

Motion Detection with Webcam Source code in Java.

Travelling salesman Source code in C++

RSA Encryption and decryption of text with RSA. Source code in C++

Solar System Source code in C++ (with OpenGL)

Burrows Wheeler Transform. Source code in C++

Flight scheduling system. Source code in CLIPS, a software tool for expert systems.

Linux kernel module sniffer Source code in C.

Random processes Source code in Matlab

Machine Learning - Programming assignments. Source code in Matlab

Bayesian spam filtering. Source code in C++


Entrepreneurship Projects

Founder of startup Adball LLC, an online collaborative platform built to crowdsource the concept, content generation and dissemination of any advertising campaign (Adball LLC was dissolved in 2010). During its inception Adball won the following awards:


Last changed: May 2010